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Kadyn Microfiltration System

Sale! Kadyn Microfiltration System

Kadyn Microfiltration System

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Kadyn Microfiltration System turns normal water into clean hydrogen-rich alkaline water for our daily consumption by using a by 4 layered Swiss high technological filtration system.

Being an international water filtration system provider based in Malaysia, we are well-prepared in providing our expertise locally and globally. Our creditability ensures high quality of products and professional product services at all times.


0. Supercard Ceramic Carbon Block by Doulton®
Provides genuine sub-micron filtration. The cartridge reduces fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts and turbidity. The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilizing properties, preventing the growth of bacteria. An inner core of activated carbon block removes chlorine and organic compounds.

1. Silver Granular Activated Carbon System
Removal of chlorine, taste, odor and other chemicals contaminants. Remove up to 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel chromium and other dissolved metals.

2. Resin Softener System
It removes poisonous or organic contaminants from water. It reduces the dissolved Calcium, Magnesium and to some degree of manganese and ferrous ion concentration.

3. Carbon Block PI Ceramic Ball ORP Ball Hydrogen Ball System
It converts normal water to PI water and ionized alkaline water where it balance the HP of our body. In additional, contains ORP which can neutralize the free radicals in the body. With the ability to removes heavy metal, it makes water safe to drink as well as improve the taste.

4. Sterilize Ceramic Hydrogen D600 Alkaline Ball System
As the final stage of the water filtration process, the activated carbon filter removes any residual unpleasant smell, odour, agricultural wastes, pesticides, industrial chemicals, organic composite materials and other contamination. The water is reverted its original taste. It disassociates water into hydrogen ions to increase alkaline and hydroxide ion flowed out in a gaseous state which is why small bubbles can be seen in the water dispensed from the filter.

Dimension: 315 x 95 x 315 (mm)
Weight: 4.9 (kg)
Warranty Period: 3 Years
Warranty Type: Local Supplier Warranty

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